Do You Have a Water or Gas Leak?

Do You Have a Water or Gas Leak?

Get water leak and gas leak repair services in Spring, TX

Gas leaks can be fatal if you don't take the right steps to fix them. If you detect any of the following signs, evacuate your home immediately. Call the fire department first and then Priority 1 Plumbing & Air Conditioning.

You may need gas leak repair if you:

Smell sulfur: Because natural gas is odorless, providers add a special chemical that makes it smell like rotten eggs.
Hear hissing: When gas escapes a pipe, it makes a hissing sound.
Feel airflow: A gas leak can cause what seems like a jet of air coming from the ground near your home.

Once firefighters verify your home is safe, we'll perform a gas pressure test and start our gas leak repair work.

Call our Spring, TX office right away if you think you might have a leak.

Gas Line Repair

The gas lines running to the meter are the responsibility of the utility company but anything between the meter and your appliances are not. If you suspect a gas leak safety is a top priority. You should contact a plumbing professional and possibly your utility company. If the utility company does find a leak on your side of the meter they will shut off the gas and advise you to contact a plumbing professional. Once a repair has been affected and a gas pressure test performed and passed to ensure resolution, the utility company will restore service to the location. This service disruption is for you and your family's safety and should be considered as such.

A leak is not the only reason one might need gas work. Gas typically is a cheaper option than electric in terms of heating such as a cook top, oven, gas powered furnace or water heater for the home. Priority 1 Plumbing and Air Conditioning has the experience and knowledge to properly handle the repairs or installation as well as the gas pressure test after the gas work is completed.