Garbage Disposal Repairs in Spring, TX

Garbage Disposal Repairs in Spring, TX

Call for Garbage Disposal Repair or Replacement Services

Is your garbage disposal not working well? Does it only hum when turned on or perhaps make no noise at all? At Priority 1 Plumbing and Air Conditioning we are experts on these issues and the ways to resolve them.

Avoid unpleasant kitchen odors and the potential for clogged pipes. Contact us today at 281-376-0431 for all your garbage disposal repair and replacement needs.

Garbage Disposal Replacement & Installation Services

Even if you have no disposal installed but are interested in having one we can handle this as well. Garbage disposal installation involves drain piping and should be left to a professional to prevent problems.

Advantages of installing a garbage disposal:
•Kitchen cleanup is easier
•Food odors are reduced
•The risk of attracting pests such as ants or roaches is reduced
•The risk of a clogged pipe is reduced

Contact us today at 281-376-0431 to have your new garbage disposal installed in Spring, TX.